Afarin’s passion for turning ideas into reality comes to life in residential sales: a unique area of real estate where resilience and discipline are as essential for success as creativity and exploration.


Afarin’s rigorous work ethic and commitment to transparency has ensured she is trusted not only by her clients, but all those involved the commercial transaction that she facilitates.

Real Expertise

Real Experience, Real Results. Real Difference.
Full Service Real Estate Professionals


Investment Analysis

Effective solutions for finding and negotiating investment deals.

Land Assemblies

Looking to form a single site from a number of lands? I do that.

Developer Consultations

Helping developers understand the true potential of real estate.

Land Acquisitions

Innovative solutions for prospecting and developing land deals.

Winning Bidding Wars

Sharp negotiation skills assure we’re always one step ahead of the rest.

Create greater wealth & retire early

Be it short term income properties or new construction, Afarin has spent years successfully negotiating the ins and outs of investment deals with the city’s top builders and buyers. Her knowledge of Toronto’s laws and markets was learned not only through books but rather experience, the invaluable tool to ensuring a successful investment. Whether it’s your first time investing or a routine home flip, Afarin will make the financial leap as easy as a small step on the path to achieving your real estate goals.

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