I have used Afarin to both buy and sell porperty. Afarin is great with and will make sure you are prepared as either a buyer or seller. Afarin uses her business experience to help you achieve your goals.

John D.
Happy Commercial Seller, Toronto
Happy Investment Buyer, Toronto

Afarin helped my sister to out-bid 7 others in a fierce bidding war for her current home a few years ago. So I knew I’d want her to be my real estate agent. My husband and I were first-time rental property buyers. Afarin guided us through the entire process and her team’s after-sale care is second to none. I highly recommend her to my family and friends.
Jane L.

Happy Residential Buyer, Mississauga

My husband and I first contacted Afarin about looking for our new home when we were living out of the province. We had lived in Toronto previously and had seen her great ads! As first time home-buyers, we were somewhat unsure of where to start and we wanted to work with someone who understood our needs and who could help us to find what we were looking for. After our first Skype conversation with Afarin we felt much more at ease. Not only was Afarin able to help us to understand the process in more detail, but we also got a better sense of how to articulate our needs and wants. Admittedly, our specifications presented Afarin with a tall order: a detached home with an in-law suite within Toronto and walking distance to my husband’s work for a modest price. Afarin had a great process for introducing us to a multitude of listings – both to help us understand the market and to help her understand what we were looking for. Working from across the country we ended up finding our house, which addressed all of our needs, in a couple of weeks. Our relationship with Afarin has continued after the purchase of our home; she has been a friendly resource for anything and everything home-related. We highly recommend Afarin and her team!
Suzanne & Nathan

Happy Residential Buyers, The Junction

In a area with 60,000+ agents and a number of DIY options available, choosing a good broker can be overwhelming and we wanted to write this not only as an expression of our thanks to Afarin but also to help the next couple ensure that their dollars go toward the right home and not just a “good enough” one. When we would panic about prices, Afarin would be thoughtful in giving us realistic options. When we would get excited about a given property, she would let us enjoy the moment but would also remind us not to leave good-sense at the door. In bidding wars, she was calm. Questions about our rights as buyers or about city bylaws were answered honestly. And on a number of occasions she’d happily ask a builder or licensed architect to join us on viewings so we could ask our renovation questions in real-time. In short, she was just what we needed and if you’re reading this and are looking for representation, we’d encourage you strongly to give Afarin a call.
Eric & Gena

Happy Residential Buyers, Kingsway

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of my husband and myself. We signed Afarin as our buyer broker to procure our “perfect home.” We were escorted through the process with the eloquence and knowledge of a true master. Our preconceived idea of the broker, vanishing from the picture once the offer is finalized, was certainly not the case with Afarin. From providing us with contract negotiations etiquette to tracking the progress of our mortgage application, we were continually amazed with her dedication to see us through the entire process. We have referred a relocating colleague to Afarin and will speak highly of her to all potential home buyers we come in contact with.

Nancy & Jerry
Happy Residential Sellers / Happy Residential Buyers
Happy Land Sellers / Happy Land Buyers

From the moment we met Afarin, we were drawn to her professionalism, knowledge and extensive experience in the real estate industry. She has helped us successfully buy and sell multiple homes, and we have always felt confident in her abilities to get us exactly what we wanted – whether we were the buyers or sellers. Afarin’s patience, reliability and expertise always allowed my husband and I to ensure we made the most informed decisions, without any regrets. Her team, Tanya and Sarah reflect the ongoing dedication and commitment Afarin has for her clients. Throughout the years, Afarin’s has proven that she is more than just our real estate agent, she is our friend. We truly appreciate how smooth she has made the buying and selling process for us and value the long-term relationship we have with her!

Selena & Patrick Stapleton
Happy Residential Sellers / Happy Residential Buyers

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